Allie Vogel (IL)

Senior Product Design Lead, Microsoft

Talk: Exploring Gender Identity with Virtual Reality

On stage:

With the rise of the Metaverse, it’s more important than ever to use digital means to uplift the human experience by utilizing design at the forefront. Allie will share a case study for using machine learning-based design principles in the creation of TrueHue, a virtual reality platform that leverages AI to allow individuals to explore their gender identity.

In her talk, Allie will share insights and learnings from this process, as well as key takeaways for designers to apply these principles to their work.


Starting her career in Silicon Valley and now living in Tel Aviv, Allie Vogel has spent the last several years designing AI-focused products from chatbots, data analytics NLP tools to e-commerce personalization. With a special interest in Virtual Reality, Allie is involved in working on the project TrueHue, exploring gender fluidity through virtual embodiment.

She has a background developing products at LinkedIn,, and now as Senior Product design lead at Microsoft working on the Autonomous driving platform. With that, Allie has gained insights about leveraging UX skills in a machine learning-oriented environment. She aims to provide actionable frameworks for designers and product managers wanting to utilize machine learning that focuses on the holistic human experience.