Andrew La Monica (US)

VP, Global Design Executive

Talk: Leveling-Up The UX Team

On stage:

There is a robust belief that Design = Value. UX teams have an opportunity to affect business and make an impact in ways that are unprecedented. Not just in the customer experience, but directly for the people who use the products. Unfortunately, many UX functions are still fighting for a seat at the table -or- if they have a seat, it’s a high-chair at the kid’s table. This Masterclass will talk about the “How”. Andrew will share insights to be a more effective UX team, blueprints to impact business, and actions that accelerate your leadership. Drawing on proven psychological research and 20+ years of first-hand experience, Andrew will share practical techniques that can be used immediately. You will leave this session with more confidence in your abilities as a UX function and a toolkit to deliver impact across the organization.


Andrew has a long experience in Design Leadership. For example, he has been Global design Director and Brand Strategist at GE, Design Expert-In-Residence at InVision, and worked with clients like Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and Adobe. But the coolest of all on his track record – if we may say so – is the fact that he has helped the International Olympic Committee as a Global Design & Brand Executive.

He is an accomplished leader and executive coach who helps people work better individually, together, and at scale. He speaks frequently about the intersection of design, business, and leadership.

He has given keynote addresses at customer-focused Fortune brands and held workshops at various institutions including NYU Stern School of Business and Harvard Business School.

You might have guessed it already, but it is for his Design Leadership expertise and experience in coaching in that area, that we are excited to welcome him to the line-up at From Business to Buttons 2022.