Andy Budd (UK)

Founder of Clearleft and Design Leadership advocate

Talk: Design’s Mid-Life Crisis

On stage:

“On most objective measures, the design industry is thriving. Our skills are in high demand, our salaries are rising, and companies can’t fill roles fast enough. Design leadership has come of age, we’re seeing companies invest in team development, and more and more designers are earning that hallowed “seat at the table”. So why, when I talk to designers, do so many of them feel burnt out and despondent; like all their hard work and effort has been for nothing. It’s as though the design industry is going through some sort of mid-life crisis.

In this session design leader, start-up advisor, speaker and coach, Andy Budd, takes us through some of the reasons why we’re experiencing this sense of collective Ennui, and what we can do about it. This talk may make for awkward listening at times. However unless we can have an open and honest conversation about the behaviours that are holding us back, we’ll never unlock the full potential of what design has to offer.”

About Andy

Andy Budd is the founder of one of UKs most famous design agencies, bestselling author, and Designer by heart. He might not have invented the phrase ‘Design Leadership’, but he sure is one of the individuals that marked it on the map for the rest of us. Andy is on a mission to teach the world how to build a world-class design team, with both tools and know-hows.

Since he left Clearleft, the design agency he founded back in 2005, he has spent his time coaching major clients like Virgin Atlantic and BBC. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, and he has kept busy founding and curating conferences like dConstruct, UX London and managing an online community of over 1,500 Heads, Directors and VPs of Design.”