Brad Frost (US)

Brad Frost Author of Atomic Design

Talk: Design Systems: Past, Present, and Future

On stage:

Through the years, we’ve evolved from brand books to PDF style guides to Sketch libraries to living components that exist in software and power digital products. This session will examine the evolution of design systems, look at the present opportunities and challenges design systems provide, and look at what the future looks like for organizations who have successfully created a design system. A design system is a product without an end, and there will always be improvements to be made.


Brad Frost is a web designer, consultant, speaker, and writer located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of the book Atomic Design, one of the most influential books on design systems to date, which introduces a methodology to create and maintain effective design systems. In addition to co-hosting the Style Guides Podcast, he has also helped create several tools and resources for web designers, including Pattern Lab,, Style Guide Guide, This Is Responsive, Death to Bullshit, and more.


All the workshops are on May 6-7, the days before the conference. Tickets are sold separately.

Making and Maintaining Successful Design Systems

Brad Frost

Thursday, 06 May, 10:00 – 17:00

Design systems and provide solid ground for us to stand on as we tackle the increasingly diverse and fast-moving digital landscape. This full-day session will arm you with all the insights and resources you need to create and maintain a successful UI design system.