Erika Hall (US)

Erika Hall Author of Conversational Design, and Just Enough Research

Talk: Conversational Design

On stage:

What makes an interaction with a digital system feel truly conversational? It’s not just being able to talk or text with a “smart” system. You need to start with the people and make the right division of labor between computers and humans. Taking a quick look back at the last hundred thousand years of communication will help you make the right leap forward…


Erika has been a strategic design consultant since the late twentieth century. She is the cofounder of Mule Design Studio and specializes in helping clients improve their decision-making processes and establish collaborative, evidence-based design practices. Erika speaks and writes about topics that challenge the conventional wisdom of the field to encourage designers to think more deeply about the implications of their work. She is the author of Conversational Design, and Just Enough Research, now available in a revised second edition. Erika can be found far too often on Twitter as @mulegirl and cohosts the podcast Voice of Design. She likes dogs and bicycles.


All the workshops are on May 6-7, the days before the conference. Tickets are sold separately.

Research Together: Make Critical Research Decisions on Evidence, not Speculation

Erika Hall

Wednesday, 05 May, 16:00 – 18:30

Is your team making critical product decisions based on evidence or speculation? Just talking to customers isn’t enough. You need to start with shared goals and a clear process in order to end up with useful insights. Learn all about efficient and value creating user research straight from the author of Just Enough Research and Conversational Design.