Ghaida Zahran (US)

Ghaida Zahran Lead Product Designer at Netflix

Talk: What’s the question?

On stage:

Netflix is famous for A/B testing: a technical way of saying that we like to ask questions. Designers are often trained to design for selling, and a culture of questioning can seem antithetical to the conviction you need to be able to sell. A/B testing can then come to be perceived as an extreme version of design by committee. As we look to grow globally in an increasingly complex landscape of people, platforms, and products, curiosity and humility are more important than ever. In this talk I’ll describe ways of infusing design work with curiosity, inspiring teams to join the search for answers, and cultivating a culture of healthy design dissent.


Ghaida Zahran is a lead product designer at Netflix with over 12 years of experience in design. After 6 years designing at agencies, she moved to lead Revenue design at This introduced Ghaida to the power of A/B testing to drive business goals.

Now at Netflix, Ghaida works on design strategy for the Partnerships & Payments design team. Among other things, the team is responsible for Netflix presentation in partner contexts such as PlayStations and Samsung Smart TVs, and that requires a different way of thinking about how to communicate the value of Netflix to potential members. Together with the team she supports, Ghaida experiments with different types of content recommendation strategies and algorithms to attract non-members.

When Ghaida isn’t designing things, she can be found sailing around the San Francisco Bay in search of new restaurants to try.