Kim Goodwin (US)

Author & Design leadership guru

Talk: Organization as Designed System

On stage:

Design systems are increasingly popular, and with good reason: When done right, they help us create better user experiences across an organization, with less effort. And yet…design systems only address the details. The most critical aspects of a user experience are defined at a much higher level, starting with the business model and the definition of project “success.” The human side of our work doesn’t lend itself to prescribed solutions, but we can design the essential components an of an effective, human-centered organization—from culture to process to meeting types—as a type of “design system.”


Kim Goodwin is the best-selling author of Designing for the Digital Age. Kim has spent 25 years in Service Design and UX, both consulting and in-house. Kim helps organizations build their internal design capabilities through coaching and organizational change management. She speaks and teaches regularly at conferences around the world. Kim is based near San Francisco, but she is often in another time zone, whether she’s herding cats in a conference room or photographing wildlife in places with no Internet access. Kim is also the bestselling author of Designing for the Digital Age. Published in 2009, it’s still considered a, to quote Alan Cooper, “A complete handbook for an entire profession”.


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Leading UX: Influencing Culture and Growing Teams

Kim Goodwin

Thursday, 02 May, 09:00 – 16:00

You know you’ve said it: ”We could do so much more if we got involved earlier… They think we’re just here to hit it with the pretty stick… Why doesn’t it get built as we design it?” The list goes on. So how do we change our organizations – or perhaps our own behaviour – to fix it? In this full-day workshop, Kim will help you build skills in both change leadership and daily practice leadership. These skills aren’t just for managers; designers at all levels can use them to be more effective.