Lindsay Aitchison (US)

Space Suit designer at NASA

Talk: Space Suit Design IRL

On stage:

Hollywood has tried hard to convince us that space suits of the future will be sleek, sexy, and as easy to put on as your favourite pair of jeans and t-shirt, but, in real life, it’s well… complicated. In this talk, Lindsay introduces the basic principles of space suit design and will explain the science behind the not so obvious design decisions as she separates fact from fiction, with some fascinating insights on what it takes to explore off our planet.


Lindsay Aitchison is one of the leading experts behind NASA’s effort to build the next generation spacesuit. Lindsay began working full-time with NASA in May 2006 and has since March 2013 had the position Manager of the Advanced Spacesuit Project. Her focus right is as Technical Integration Manager specializing in extra-vehicular activity (EVA, otherwise known as “spacewalks”) within the Advanced Exploration Systems Division at NASA Headquarters, where her team is creating the plans to send humans back to the lunar surface and on to Mars.

Previously, Lindsay spent 14 years as a space suit engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center focused on the development and testing of space suit pressure garments for surface exploration. As a space suit engineer, Lindsay gained extensive hands on experience- as both test director and test subject- in the lab, at remote test sites, and in reduced gravity analogs including the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and NASA’s reduced gravity aircraft, affectionately known as the Vomit Comet. Lindsay earned a Master of Industrial and Human Factors Engineering degree from Wright State University, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University. Read more at inUse blog.