Margot Bloomstein (US)

Margot Bloomstein Author of Content Strategy at Work

Talk: Designing for Trust in an Uncertain World

On stage:

Mass media and our most cynical memes say we live in a post-fact era. So who can we trust? Expert opinions are a thing of the past; we favor user reviews from “people like us” whether we’re planning a meal or prioritizing a newsfeed. But as our filter bubbles burst, consumers and citizens alike turn inward for the truth. By designing for empowerment, the smartest organizations meet them there.

We must empower our audiences to earn their trust. Our tactical choices in content and design can fuel empowerment. Margot will share examples from retail, publishing, government, and other industries to detail what you can do to meet unprecedented problems in information consumption. Learn how voice, volume, and vulnerability inform design and content strategy to earn the trust of your users. We’ll ask the tough questions: How do brands develop rapport when audiences let emotion cloud logic? Can you design around cultural predisposition to improve public safety? And how do voice and vulnerability go beyond buzzwords and into broader corporate strategy? Learn how these questions can drive design choices in organizations of any size and industry—and discover how your choices can empower users and beat out cynicism itself.


Margot Bloomstein is the author of Content Strategy at Work, producer of BrandSort, and principal of brand and content strategy consultancy Appropriate, Inc. Over the past 20 years, Margot has helped clarify content strategy for Al Jazeera America, Harvard University, Fidelity, Lindt & Sprüngli, Lovehoney, Sallie Mae, and Timberland. A participant in the inaugural Content Strategy Consortium and a featured speaker at SXSW, Margot is a popular keynote speaker around the world. She teaches in the graduate program at FH Joanneum University, Austria, and tweets at @mbloomstein.