Melissa Perri (US)

Melissa Perri Author of "Escaping the Build Trap" and CEO of Produx Labs

Talk: The Product of You: Moving into Product Leadership

On stage:

Chief Product Officer, Head of Product, VP of Product. Product Leadership roles are highly in demand, but there’s not enough supply. After years of building up our industry, it’s time to take the leap to the C-suite. But, it’s not so easy. There are different types of product leaders, for different types of companies. This isn’t a one size fits all role. In this talk, we’ll cover the types of product leaders, what companies look for in product leaders, and what you can do to position yourself for success to get the job, and keep it.


Melissa Perri is a product management educator, author, speaker, and consultant. She believes the key to creating great products is growing great product leaders.

Committed to that mission, she created the online school Product Institute, where she has shared her scientific approach to Product Management with over 3,500 students. Seeing an opportunity to help executives understand the value of Product Management, she wrote the book Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value, with O’Reilly Media. In 2014, she wrote the Product Management curriculum for General Assembly’s part-time Product Management course, being used worldwide today. In 2019, she started a program to train the next generation of Chief Product Officers with Insight Partners and their 150 portfolio companies. Also, Melissa was recently appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School to teach Product Management in the MBA program.

As the CEO of Produx Labs, Melissa runs a team of consultants who work with executives worldwide to set up their product organizations, advise on product strategy, and train leaders and team members. Their clients include Capital One, Lloyds Bank of England, Spotify, Liberty Mutual, Bynder, AthenaHealth, the Australian Defence Department, and Chewy. Prior to her current position, Melissa was a Product Manager and UX Designer at Capital IQ, Barclays Capital, OpenSky, and Conductor.

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All the workshops are on May 6-7, the days before the conference. Tickets are sold separately.

Becoming the Product Executive: How to Reach the Top of the Product Career Ladder

Melissa Perri

Thursday, 06 May, 09:00 – 16:00

This workshop will go over what it takes to move up the organization, from a team level Product Manager into the executive suite. If you aspire to take the next step in your career, to become e.g. a VP of Product or a CPO (Chief Product Officer) at an organization, this workshop will tell you what you need to get there.