Paul Fu (CN)

Sr. Director User Experience at Alibaba Group

Talk: AI Design and the Future of Experience Design

On stage:

Everybody seems to be waiting to find out how AI will impact design, but in fact the change has already begun. In AI-enabled voice interaction, designers can no longer depend on buttons, lines, and forms to shape their design. In the post-mobile era, natural human-computer interaction will be the driver of the experience economy. From a numeric perspective, about 170 million people in China use keyboard interaction, while 700 million people use mobile touchscreens. The implementation of natural interaction, including voice, will potentially benefit 1.4 billion users in China alone. We’re moving towards natural interaction, and we’re moving fast.


Paul Fu’s full title is Head of Alibaba International User Experience BU, Sr. Director of Natural Human-computer Interaction Lab. His team is responsible for design, research, and development of AliExpress,, Lazada, 1688, country Taobao, Tmall Genie products. As the bridge between end user and business, the mission of the team is to design useful, usable, desirable products with quality brand image. The natural HCI lab is working on research the latest interaction technology by leveraging AI, human five senses, and emotional computing, in collaboration with Tsinghua and Zhejiang universities. Paul has 18 years of work experience, including tenures with Augmentum, eBay, and He has a Ph.D. of Human Factors in Industrial Engineering from Purdue, M.S. and B.S. from Tianjin University. Paul is also a coauthor of the book “Human Computer Interaction: User Centered Design and Evaluation” in Chinese.