Val Head (US)

Design Advocate at Adobe

Val Head is a web animation expert, author, and Design Advocate at Adobe. She is the author of ”Designing Interface Animation”, a book that shows you, as a designer, how to create web animation that balances purpose and style while blending seamlessly into the user’s experience. The book is a crash course in motion design theory and practice for web designers, UX professionals, and front-end developers alike. Val also teaches CSS Animation on, and curates the weekly UI Animation Newsletter. She has a talent for getting designers and developers alike excited about the power of animation, and will also host one of this years workshops.


The Web In Motion

Val Head

Thursday, 02 May, 09:00 – 16:00

This workshop will get you started with the essentials of web animation. We’ll cover the basics of motion design theory as it applies to the web, and how to use animation to improve the user experience. Throughout the workshop we’ll use hands-on exercises to explore the similarities and difference of animating with CSS, JavaScript, and SVG. You’ll leave knowing how to bring your work to life with skill and which web animation tool to use to get it done. If you’re a Designer, frontend developer or web designer looking to improve your web animation skills this workshop is for you!