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Workshop: Service Design: From "Thinking" to "Doing"

Service design is a team sport. To have a real impact on the experience of users/customers/employees/citizens, you’ll need to involve people from various parts of an organization and sometimes even from multiple organizations. In this context, the key skill of a designer is facilitation. Designers need to handle different people, build bridges between silos of an organization, while at the same time handling the design process, using tools and methods and leading the core design team. In this (very) interactive workshop Marc shares how to bring service design into a team and organization. He’ll guide through several hands-on exercises of how to facilitate co-creative workshops, lead exercises and discussion rounds on how to use service design as a common language in an organization to connect different silos, and illustrates a roadmap on how to sustainably embed service design in your organization.

What you’ll learn:

• Some key factors you’ll need to bring service design into an organization • A roadmap to iteratively increase service design maturity in your organization • How to use service design to bridge silos of an organization • How to create living boundary objects that translate between different teams and silos • How to connect service design with operations and software development • How to use sprints/cycles to connect service design with agile management • How to measure the impact of service design and calculate it’s ROI for your organization • How to create a sustainable and measurable impact on users/customers/employees/citizens instead of only impacting KPIs (aka the “NPS-trap”) • How to plan and set-up co-creative workshops with users/customers/employees/citizens • How to evaluate the quality and reliability of service design tools, like journey maps: 6 aspects to consider • Some service design facilitation tips & tricks

Who should attend:

Mid-to-senior folks working in UX/CX/EX/Service Design. Innovation or design managers, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs. Some basic understanding of service design tools and methods is recommended.

Your host:

  • Marc Stickdorn (AT)

    Author of This is Service Design Thinking and CEO at More than Metrics

    Marc Stickdorn is Co-founder and CEO at More than Metrics. He is editor and co-author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking” and “This is Service Design Doing”. Marc teaches service design at various universities and gives public and exclusive executive courses. He also loves traveling with a backpack or in his VW van.

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