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Cynicism is easy. Hope takes work. Consumers and citizens alike have lost confidence in services, science, brands, governments — and in themselves, when they need to assess information or make decisions. But UX professionals are uniquely positioned to beat back cynicism by educating our audiences. Your choices in content and design can empower people and renew their sense of trust.

Moving through a three-part framework, we’ll draw on examples from retail, public health, publishing, government, and software design to explore a bold vision for the future and tactics to nurture user confidence, renew trust in your organization — and even strengthen society itself.

What we’ll cover:

  • Play creative director of a global marketing organization and rework content and design decisions to maintain customer loyalty over time and new product rollouts.
  • Gain tools to determine the right volume of information to build trust in a government portal, retail destination, and omnichannel homemaking brand.
  • Brainstorm and explore what it means for brands to “prototype in public” and use vulnerability as a strength to attract more engaged, loyal users.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to balance novelty and consistency to help a brand evolve and maintain customer loyalty even as you roll out new products.
  • What “enough” content looks like, and how to determine the right number of bullets, the right length of a blog post, or the number of images in a gallery.
  • How to bring your audience closer by making your values visible and learning from mistakes with transparency and authenticity.

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