Culture Design for Humans

Alla Weinberg

We all know the saying Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast. So .. what if you wanted to improve, shape, or design the culture of your organization? Perhaps you want your organization to be more customer-centered, creative, or simply more collaborative. It can be done. Alla Weinberg will help you discover a method for understanding – and influencing – the current culture in your organization. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and apply it on your own organization, team or whole company.

In this workshop, people at any level in their career will learn:

  • A new definition of culture
  • How to create a culture experience map to assess the current culture of your team or organization
  • What a company culture needs at 10, 100, and 1,000 employees
  • Systems thinking tools to be able to influence culture changes
  • Practical leadership skills to lead a culture change

Who should attend: Anybody who’s ever found themselves frustrated, thinking ”It’s just the way things are”, about something at work. Managers, Designers, Product Managers, business executives.

Read more about the workshop in the inUse blog post “Is is possible to design culture for humans?



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About the organizer

inUse is a User Experience and Service Design agency with offices in Sweden and the US. Our mission is to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for all users, while helping our clients to reach their goals.

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