Design for Delight — Transforming Your Designs From Good To Great

Jared Spool & Dana Chisnell

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A good design is usable, useful, and effective. A great design delights its users. Explore a framework that brings your users and customers pleasure, flow, and meaning through your work. Roll up your sleeves and practice what Jared preaches. Jared Spool a Dana Chisnell help you to take a real design project that has all the potential of being boring, and turn it into something delightful, practicing all the techniques. Inspire your organization to go beyond shiny features, with products and services that deliver remarkable delight. Infuse your practices with design principles that focus on the value your team can deliver with a long-term perspective.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Hone your team’s user research efforts to uncover delighters
  • Create design principles that drive the entire team to think about delight
  • Identify opportunities where your design can exceed user expectations
  • Eliminate wasted “tool time” to delight with an optimized user experience
  • Understand where your design can touch users’ lives in a meaningful way
  • Provide managament with new insight to crititcal steategy discussions

This full day workshop will make you shift focus away from small design efforts to the big customer problems. When you get back to the office you will be provided with new insights to critical strategy discussions. You will have upgraded your user research toolkit and be able to develop research-based design principles to guide product direction.

SOLD OUT – send an e-mail to to inquire about spare seats.




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inUse is a User Experience and Service Design agency with offices in Sweden and the US. Our mission is to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for all users, while helping our clients to reach their goals.

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