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Workshop: Designing for AI

The fundamental question for designing AI systems is: Who is doing the work? Do the humans get help from the AI, or is it the other way around, that the AI performs the work with the occasional assistance from humans? Once designers understand and become familiar with the three modes of interaction; Manual, Assistive and Agentive, they can more confidently design modern systems that take advantage of AI APIs.

In this workshop, Chris Noessel will guide you through designing for multiple modes of AI—Assistive and Agentive—and integrate them with manual-control interfaces. Chris wrote the book on Agentive Tech last year, and is working on the follow-up book about Assistant Tech. The workshop includes a short lecture, which explains the core concepts and start to the creative process. The participants will then gather into design pairs, which will do integration exercises where ideas are put into action. They will refine their ideas across the day, with support from Mr. Noessel, and integrate them into a cohesive whole.

Questions that will be addressed during the day:

  • What are the broad categories of AI?
  • How do I design AI in a user-centered way?
  • What are the modes of interaction with narrow AI?
  • How do users switch between these modes, and what if the AI needs to initiate it?
  • What are the use cases unique to Agentive tech?
  • What are the 7 universal assists that my product can offer to users?

A short movie from Chris!

Who should attend

  • Designers wanting a framework to demystify A.I. for their practice
  • Product Managers looking for new ways to provide value to customers
  • Developers hoping to understand the human context into which A.I. technology must fit
  • Design Educators interested in teachable models for A.I.
  • Practitioners wanting a client-free project to try their hand at A.I. concepts

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