Research Together: Make Critical Research Decisions on Evidence, not Speculation



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Is your team making critical product decisions based on evidence or speculation? Just talking to customers isn’t enough. You need to start with shared goals and a clear process in order to end up with useful insights.

This workshop is for anyone who contributes to design decisions — designers, engineers, marketing people, product owners, content strategists, and others. Research specialists will learn how to increase their effectiveness and boost the influence of their findings. Attended with team members from different disciplines will give you a better basis for collaboration.

Everyone will walk out with ideas and practices they can use immediately.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid reacting to anecdotal data
  • Make more confident design decisions based on evidence, not assumptions
  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Decrease risk by asking the right questions
  • Choose methods and activities based on your goals, timeframe, and budget
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data together
  • Master the art of the interview
  • Think as a team to get the best insights from your data
  • Digest, report, and share insights so that none get lost or go to waste
  • Cultivate practical curiosity throughout your company

Please note that the workshop will be split into two digital sessions. Between the sessions you will have time to reflect and work on some tasks to follow up at the second session. Your online workshop is scheduled:

May 5 16:00–18:30 and May 12 16:00–18:30

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