Trust Me: How User Experience Design Protects Privacy, with GDPR and Beyond

Ame Elliott

Building a trustworthy product requires a diverse team. Historically, security has been treated as an engineering topic, with user experience (UX) separated from the technical implementation. But the landscape of trust is changing with the imminent enforcement of the GDPR, and with recent data breaches growing to affect hundreds of millions of users. Security, privacy, transparency, and ethics are becoming everyone’s job.

This workshop takes a UX-design lens to the challenge of building trustworthy products by identifying ways skills beyond software development – including interaction design, brand strategy, content strategy, and copywriting – can contribute to building trustworthy products. We will discuss examples and counterexamples of trustworthy design and identify best practices. We will collaboratively brainstorm how designers, technical writers, business partners, and others can put their talents to use in meeting the standards set forth by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Building on the interests and skills of attendees, we will forge new territory and highlight opportunities for design leadership in a new and ever-changing landscape of trust.

In this collaborative and generative workshop, we will:

  • Identify opportunities the GDPR presents for UX design professionals to protect their users’ privacy.
  • Consider examples and counter-examples of how to manage user trust.
  • Talk through case studies and identify lessons learned from prior data breaches.
  • Collaboratively brainstorm design patterns for key GDPR principles, such as giving and withdrawing meaningful consent, the user right to data access, engaging users in understanding data usage, and privacy-by-default settings.

Who should attend: UX practitioners, product managers, communication professionals, and business executives ready for new approaches to protecting users and their data. You do not need a technical background or prior experience in privacy, security, or policy to participate.

The workshop stresses the importance of design leadership in meeting privacy challenges, and the focus is helping attendees build their teams’ UX design skills to meet the challenges of GDPR. Because there are many unknowns in how GDPR will be implemented, the workshop does not provide all the answers, but instead uses a collaborative approach to build teams’ capacity for communicating trust to users.




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